Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Someone's Heart

sounds never heard, words never spoken, eyes that never see, feeling never felt, someone's heart forever melts,

love never returned, passion never givin, pleasure never shown, something someone's heart will never know,

tears always felt, pain always known, sorrow that never goes away, for someone's heart that knows it very well, someone's heart is broken, someone's heart is never missed, someone's heart will mend,

someone's heart will never love again, someone's heart will never trust again and want to love, someone's heart never felt and my heart forever melts.

Sorrow's Bane

Love is the one thing
That keeps our spirits whole
When Sorrow comes a knocking
With hurts that touch our soul

When our world falls around us
Darkness fills our dreams
It’s love that lifts our spirits
Bridging Sorrow's streams

Love calls us from the brink
Of being swallowed by the stream
Dispels depression
And warms us in it’s gleam

Love helps us through the horror
Of love lost or led astray
Through mans trespass
Or angels spirit them away

Love comes to give us comfort
And wipe away the tears
Love will shield our spirits
When Sorrow's shadow nears

Love’s light whisper
Will stifle Sorrow's gain
In life’s losses
Love is Sorrow’s bane

Sunday, August 23, 2009


feeling sour today, another night turned dawn, another day passed me by..i'd really piss off today, am mad the fact i just dont know what i want in life actually. Am getting blur, my brain's getting faded, my motive seems unclear and my mind speaks uncertain things. Thing i really don't want to know.


Monday, August 3, 2009

alone again naturally and never alone actually

In little while from now, if i'm not feeling any less sour, i'm promised myself to treat myself and visit a nearby tower and climbing to the top, will throw myself off in an effort to make it clear to who ever what it's like when you're shattered.

left standing in the lurch, at fort where peoples are saying " My god he's tough, he stood her up"
no point in us remaining. May as well go home as i did on my own, alone again naturally.

to think that only yesterday, i was cheerful, bright and great, looking foward to but who wouldn't do the role i was about to play.

but as if to knock me down,reality came around and without so much as a mere touch cut me into little pieces, leaving me to doubt all about god and his mercy for if he's really does exist and why he desert me in the hour of need? i truly am indeed and i'm alone again naturally

it seem to me that are more hearts broken in the world thant can't be mended, left unattended, what do we do? what do will i do?

now looking back over the years,and what ever else that appears, i remember i cried when she went died never wishing to cried the tears and at twenty-six years old, my god, rest her soul
couldnt understand, why the only girl i had ever love had been taken leaving me the heart to start, so badly broken despite encouragement from others, no word that ever spoken and when she passed away, i cried and cried, alone agin naturally

but now thing has change, my broken heart mend again, i meet the face i wanted to be until the time i will taken away, her tenderly touch melt me down, she repaired me back and turned me into someone who i really missed; myself.

she casted me away from my pretendenesses, my alter-egoistic, my sadness, my cloud-never-sunny-days. now i never alone actually

now my heart been attended, leaving the unattended, the sunny, bright and great comes, prosperous and joyous arrives, carrying me to the top, and am promise myself to treat myself again, to visit the nearby tower, but not throw off myslef but to scream top of my long
"i never alone actually" i never alone actually...

while am stand in lurch, someone steps and stood beside me, holding my hand taken me away, walk hand in hand, and patiently and honestly watching the role i was about to play and vanished the pain of remembering that no one woulnt do the role i wanted to do before.

now im coming home, coming back to myself, and this time, i never alone, i never alone actually. as if i did it by my own and there's she , always be there, encouragement, the exicitement, stood by me, told me that she's will always be there, to carrying me home when am get weak, put a smile while am smiless, give me strenght to go on while the hope is running die.

now i see, i never alone actually...

now i know, i never alone actually

she had taken away the hatred, the enraged, the fears, the phobic the anger, and turned into something smoothen and mild,

i never alone actually

i love u halida