Saturday, May 28, 2011


Kata demi kata jalin dengan indah. Untuk menguraikan maksud hati.
Kuberanikan diri untuk memulainya, tapi mengapa bibirku tak dapat bergerak? Terasa berat.
Malunya hati ini, bila kuingat saat itu. Kami hanya saling berpandang dan terdiam terpaku

Oh bulan hanya dirimu yang menyaksikan segalanya.Oh bulan tolonglah daku katakan padanya;
Ku cinta dia....

How I Describe....

How do i begin ya?

" You know that I long seek for someone like this; who are bubbly, talkactive, know her laugh and limits. Someone who show concern, someone who never afraid to speak up for herself, someone who stay assertive on her ground, someone who has firm belief on god, someone who has the charm only by talking, laughing and know how to make a friend. I can't believe that I found in on you.
I like you, I also like everyone but the like I had is something differently, something that hard for me to tell, to describe. Something that make me feel happy, something that i missed and something that I really wanted in life; you."

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Beauty of Falling in Love.

Falling in love is no longer a taboo to peoples nowadays. It's not like 30-40 years back when everything must be secretive, must be discreet and living in afraid'ness of family disapproval. It no longer the same in present.
Falling in love are something that we cherish, we want in life. Even this has become the requirement in the pyramid of life, to be want and wanted. To be love and loved. This is something powerful that can change the life, perception of human being in every ways. This has become as one of basic need. A principle of Happiness.
Despite of this beautiful feeling, how many people who fall in love will end up this matter in wedding? How many people willing to fall in love to same person over and over again? How may split stories we heard from friend everyday? Breaking up is happen every single second in the world.

What has happen to this beautiful feeling? How oneself not be able to retain this feeling?
Falling in love is always special, this is a magical and most powerful feeling human can have. To have someone who makes you feel home, makes you fell safe. To be with someone who makes you feel special, to makes you feel important and it makes you think of the person day and night and able to bring happiness to your world.

See how powerful this feeling that able to move person from one point to another?
It's an incredible feeling when you feel that close connection with another.

Love started at the very moment you're fall in love. It doesn't matter whether the person you fall in love with know or not. This is all about you. How you feel, the rest is second.
Falling in love are require gut and courage.

Let me tell you something.

I has gone through several relationships past 2 years back that I think can move me, relationships that can makes me be a better person, but I was wrong. I went wrong all along.
The feeling was never sparked they way I wanted to. It's not anyone fault. I am falling in love at the wrong time.

I managed to survive my singlehood after all this while not until I met one person who able to woo me; someone actually I just knew for 2 weeks. There's something that I like about her, something that really attracts me to get to know her.

Everyday I pray to HIM and ask whether this is the happiness that I always asked from HIM everyday? If this is the person, I am more than happy to accept it because Happiness is something that I need in life. For me to fall in love, I need happiness. I have been searching for my happiness techically for my whole life and I think I have found one..