Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm an Idiot

Talking about to love someone, talking about taking someone's life into your life, someone's heart into yours. Maybe word make it look easy but it never easy itself.

To justify, to adjust, to synchronize the life, on how it can be perfectly mesh together. It never been easy.
2 different people, 2 separated lives will be altered to be one. Expect the argument, disagreement but the feeling ; lovely.

Love is really a crazy thing. Never fail to make an idiot out of us especially myself. To fall under idiot case in this category is something that i really looking forward to.

You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly. That the words that am holding until now, the one that been taught by my father and a father before him.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

life is better with happiness.

I guess, it's been a while i am not writing anything on my blog.
I am too busy with my life, restructure- reconstruct and reboot everything. I am too busy to find myself, to catch back the glimpse of my own shadow, to pickup everything i left, to complete my missing puzzle.

So far, i have my job, not really the perfect one but enough to make everyone happy. I have my circle of friends, good surrounding and excellent environment. I am happy, at least enough to "whoosh" away my sadness and worries.

So many things i've learn. New faces, mentalities, perspectives and stories. Stories of lives. Each of everyone i've met, the stories that enough to motivated me that my life is not so bad after all. Enough to remind me to be thanked to god.

I'd still have my family that supported me. Everything that happened before, opened my eyes into the new dimension on who i am, what am i, and why i am here. I became more wiser to think, to speak. I can see thing more clearer than before.

I've learned that life ; on how the important of knowing your boundaries, knowing your limit, knowing you friends. Each of these will lead you to a different path of lives. Once before i always chose my wrong. I don't want to repeat the same mistake; ever again.

God is great, praise to god's above.

For the past 1 year, i have learned so many new things in life. It make me think that in life, sometimes we have to take time off to see life's better. We have to be in the middle. Be hard on yourself just will bring harm to life and be to lay back it just make our life miserable. Be in the middle. Be balance. Don't move around the world but let world move around you. Let things surround you.

Each of every people i've known has changed. Time flies. I am glad that almost everyone is making a good progress in life, making a good fortune for themselves. It's always a good feeling to see everyone is moving forward. I love each of everyone of them.

And what about myself?
I pursuit everything that lead to my happiness. I've make a good fortune myself and not bad after all. But money is not the priority in life, happiness is matter for me. Until now, i still in run; looking for my happiness, i am looking for the one in life. The one who holding the key. The one that can unlocked and cast the despair.

I wish sometimes life can be that easy. You can undo, redo, copy and paste; even to close and quit and restart all over again.
But god work in the mystery way. No man knows. No one knows and will never know.

Enough to tell you that i am happy.
I am happy.

How about you?