Saturday, October 22, 2011

You & Me

Hello Canvas.

This would be the first time I ever expose the lady that i be with through you.
This is the person I love the most. A bless from Allah. A gift that will never be replaced.

This is the person who managed to change the whole direction in every aspect of my life, she's not just a lady, she will be my last romance.

Honestly, I am not getting any younger, At this point of time, I see that there are some changes must be made in my life for me to have a better one and definitely she's part of the changes. I'm seeing myself settle down to have a good life of two.

2 are two different peoples with different personalities. We had a lot of argumentation, a lot of clashes, lot of fights but we still love each other, look after one another and care for each other. I can be a monkey and she still love me and she can be a total baboon and yet I love her very much.

I pretty much realize that relationship is not about finding similarity, perfection and compatibility on each other but relationship is how we see each other and how make s/he feel about each other. It's about " hey, you know what, I'm not perfect but i feel thankful that you love me because of that". That's the true meaning of relationship.

It prove me wrong after all these years, What I'm looking for relationship is all about perfection. I was wrong. I am wrong indeed.

But you know, having a relationship is not all about commitment all alone, but it also a responsibility. It required a lot of patience, care and attention. Relationship is not an automatic car. It more like a manual transmission car, sometimes you might stucked during gear shifting, you have to shift gears all the time, you have to maintain your consistence at controlling your clucth, brake, gas pedal so your car won't stop and the time you have to go through the hill and you have to stop at the middle because of the traffic. If you lose your focus, your car will stop or even worst it will hit others. It required a lot of attention, patience.

Yes, we're just like any normal couple who fought, who fight for the self-defences, arguments and such but we learnt a lot from it and not to repeat the same mistake.

What I need from life now is a good life, I want to start off my family of two and I really looking forward of it.

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah for the gift. I really blessed with this.