Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nothing.Zero. Nil

buat masa ni, tak ada untuk ditulis, untuk diceritakn, untuk diberitahu, blog reader, sorry no more entry for the moment, my entire system will be shut momentarily, 
sorry for everything, sorry for the fault, the mistake, the words that might offended u, sorry for the post, 

will reboot and blog will be like before until further notice

thnk you: shah al zefflee rosli

Monday, July 27, 2009

Demam, pergi jauh lah cepat..

Its been a boring day.Am wondering around ampang and endup at my office, doing this thingy, writing my blog..

Ahh, why am so missing u ney barbie? U demam ni i rasa cm u lain, cm berubah sket, i dont know ehy, mybe sbb sakit and xlarat kot or mybe it just my imaginations... tu lah, da erbiasa almost everyday with u, skali xjumpa dah cm hapa da pikir..hehehehehe

sorry, i tak tau nk tulis pepe..sbnr otak kt u, mata jer kt blog ni..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad: The Big Loss

Yesterday was a gloomy day of my life, Yasmin was passed away, meet her creator, Allah, the one. It was a big loss for Malaysia, where we're losing one hell of talented person.
I had done my distinguished time with her while am served for LB for a few months,
Her mentality, passionation about this industry, her visions, missions has no limit,
She has a one god's gift where she able to see the future result, the outcoming of anything she do, and when she do her thing, she will give 101% of herself to it, and the result, was brilliant.

The loss was big for me, the gap she left for us its hard to replace, So long Yasmin, you has served your time in this world, hope you will doing fine there, Amin

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sabar Ya

To all my sargents yg amik financial, here my advice,
dun go stress out ya, i really feel sorry for u, but dont let ur self downlow like that, i really sad to see you guys like that,

I always stand by ur side..

Me versus You againts the world

You like pink while am adoring brown
You love subway while am eating shihlin
You want kyros while am craving the conny dog
You were home while am at the hospital
You were feeling worry bout me while am worried bout u
you always say this and i say that
you say right i say left,
you were right handed, am lefty
you're white am black,
u say farmtown while am say mafia wars
but when u say i love you, i say i love u too

To My Special Someone

There is something special bout u that makes me melt, there's something bout u that makes me adore, makes me believes that the gap are been filled. U're making your own marks in my life that lead me to happy paradise, i wish the day was never ended when am with you, i long your laugh, ur smile, ur sulking faces, i love it when u makes ur face, i love when u started to laugh while am embracing u in my arms.

A gift, a god's creation awarded to me, a long waits has its reward. I've got you. I still remember how i was against the public affections, but there is time when am finally shows my love to you, am holding your face really close to mine, i whispers my words to you, telling how speacial you are to me, how much i need you, how big your meant to me.

I admit sometimes, im not at my best behavior, always makes u sad, but on top of that, it will never changed the way i looked at u, it never change how i feel for you. What a relationship means without any fight, right?

A fight with you was never a enjoyous moment but it tells me something, every fights will lead to more knowledgement bout u, the real u, we became more cyrstal clear between each other, we try to breaks the barrier upon us, even if it takes long hard work to take down the barrier, we will do it together.

A simple word from you means a lot to me,

143,yes i do


To All My Sargents

First of all, i would like to wish you goodluck for ur next coming exam,Best wishes for ur general Shah. hehehehe

do your best, prove that u deserved to get better marks at ur lecturers, mybe this is my last semester at Miim, my contract might not be continue and stuff, so i might not be able to see u as much as before.

To all my sargent, past & present, best wishes from me

Congratz to my sargents for the successfull event

m174 sargets: Nora, Alyn, Fatin, Reef, Alyya
m174(2) sargents: Yati, Dale, Linda, Ain
m344 / s132 sargents: atong, jack, zet,nana,ali,danial,fitri,nabil,haris,jufri,afif,zaza,mira,eza,iza,lyd

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Watching movie or making movies?

Seriously both of it surely fun. hehehehe