Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Coffee And Her

Hello Canvas.

I didn't write much these days. I can't find perfect time to spend a little time with you.
Time moving real fast and I am getting slower. I tried to keep up with the pace until I forget to give myself some time to relax and enjoy life.

Talking about coffee, who can resist the strong aroma that awake your sense. Roasted beans perfectly blended to make a good cup of coffee.
Actually I am not a coffee person but something about coffee that make me smile. :)

"2 cups of coffee can calm me down and made my day whenever I'm stressed or feel pressured"

The landlord lady of my life said that to me. She emphasized how coffee work for her.
Amazed to found a lady who loved thick, black and strong coffee these days. Really rare, literally rare.

Coffee always remind me of her. Someone I love. Someone I cherish and care. Someone I adore.

I am here not to talk about coffee but I wanted to tell you about her.
The best decision I ever made so far. I am the champion.

She came out of nowhere and stayed in my life. And of course, during that time, I see relationship as something that can demolish your life. Something that can break you into pieces and make you feel despair.

I've told myself to avoid from getting one and yes I managed to stay out of it for years and protect myself from hurting again. But she is something. Something about her that make me feel different.

With the pair of wide eyes, hijab and formal attire, she's quite normal to me. Nothing special about her for me to adore. Observation I did, tried to get to know her, tried to understand her.

A bubbly, sarcastically persona, sarcasm remarks make her special to me. Believe or not, I fall in love with her because of that.

I said to myself that I need to have her or will regret later. I went out from my comfort zone, from all the shelter that I built these years and tried to have her.

116 days later; She's mine.

Dear god, you have show me some light while I'm in dark, you show me the way while am lost. You have given me problem so I know the way to handle it and now you have given me a heart for me to takecare of, a person for me to love and a life for me to share with. Bless me.