Friday, October 29, 2010

Note for 30th October 2010

No notes for today~ Im on my holiday~

The act of kindness~

The act of kindness. The act to help the others to make their life happier. Nothing more that that.
Just one person try to make the life of another person's better but life can be so tricky when you trapped yourself between your kindness and your feeling.

This is a real life case study.

I really hated to see people sad, unhappy with the recent event due to breaking up, broken hearted and discomfort of feeling. I really hate that. Wise man said, sometimes, it take only one people to make things better. I try to prove the word by doing it.
It works. Surprises and surprises coming at her door. She's getting happier each days~
The intention was from friend to another friend.

I rephrase it again; Life can be so tricky and its getting harder when you already trapped between the kindness and feeling inside.
I don't like this but at the same time; I love the fact that i like her~hehehe~

Monday, October 25, 2010

Note for 25th October 2010

1) Let people say, they don't know the truth

2) Be calm when look for lift's button

3) Nasi lemak in NZ damn suck

4) Let me remind me again, don't play dart with money

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Note for 24th October 2010

1) Never drive fast in federal highway. It's dangerous.

2) Lady beside you will puke if you play drive fast games with others

3) Share a drink with someone who had flu will make u have the same sickness

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Note for 23rd October 2010

1) Barbican Strawberry, mehdy chicken, chicken kebab are superbs

2) Thank god there's 4square. I don't want to bump with storyteller

3) Friend will always be there when needed

4)Ipoh white coffee's suck~

Friday, October 22, 2010

Note for 22nd October 2010

1) Never trust rumor, it will give you headache

2) Someone i like suddenly disappear

3) Don't go out in rainy day. It will make your cloth go wet

4) Oldies songs will make u sad

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some People

Life can be like roller coster though~ sometimes you will have a easy life today and shit next day, gloomy the next day and happy the next 2 days.

No one can predict life. No one has been so far.
Life as the sales person is never easy. Having a fast pace life, kpi's based is suck. Having only two things in mind~to close contract and get paid. I never think that I will end up doing sales~Well this is not what I expected to do in life but so far, I am satisfy with the piece of work I have done.

Get stress everyday, get sick of not having enough sleep, restless mind, dying soul. Your life is tie with your job. I found my 2nd family here and my work as my 2nd home for me. I spent at least 9-10 hours per day in the office. I see the same faces everyday. A lovely peoples. Lovely yet ruthless.

The sound of bell ring is the sweetest thing in here. The more it ring, the prosperity you will be. We claps, we chants, we cheer for each other. We face a rivalry inside and outside. We always compete but yet in harmony. Some people talk so loud until you can hear it from miles, some people whisper until you can't hear it right. Some people talks slowly until you feel tired to listen and some people talks so fast until you can't catch up.

Some people can easily get mad and fight with the operators, some people ask politely but still can't get through. Some people use the intelligent to get through and some people bluff too. Some people be frank and some keep it inside.

Some people put a fish, even a tortoise as a gong for themselves. Some people write inspiring words, some people keep it plain. Some people prefer the desk messy and some people keep it neat.

Some people talking and laugh, some people faking it. Some people be serious on phone and some people be friendly. Some people slam the phone and some people end the conversation nicely. Some people be dodgy, some be straight, some be ruthless and some be good guy.

Having these kind of peoples inside one room creating a fun+ enjoyable atmosphere. It will never get boring and getting excited everyday

these "some peoples" is the key of who I am right now.
Thanks for it.

Note for 21st October 2010

1) Playing dart can bring lots of money

2) Trust the event, it will pay you back. Have some faith

3) Peri Starter is too much for a starter~

4) Hippo & Cow is totally different animal

Note for 20th October 2010

1) Think outside the box (Thanks arvind)

2) A simple act can make a lot of differences. Glad you're happy with "that"

3) Don't mess with lady with the swing mood. She will scold you

4) Try to generating and think positive.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Note for 19th October 2010

1) Never use the road that show one way street sign

2) NZX is a dodgy place

3) Just act cool if someone uninvited come and chill with you

4) Need to wash my car. Now more look a like garbage truck~